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 Griefer in our midst

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PostSubject: Griefer in our midst   Griefer in our midst EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 3:59 pm

While I know that we do allow griefing on the server, I felt I should at least give you guys a heads up. I have NO idea what he was doing, but earlier I accidentally signed on to Fiorecraft as my brother (Spgaked) and Fudgebunny2 was on. I immediately signed off, and logged into my own Minecraft. When I got back on Fiorecraft (less than a minute later) Fudgebunny was gone. I heard that this kid ruined Darth's Farm, I just wanted to let you guys know, he's acting rather suspiciously. Please reinforce and keep an eye on anything you don't want ruined.
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Griefer in our midst
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